Testimonials - My Clients Say it Best

Steve has a true talent with his photography and he captures all the special moments with his photos.   We had the pleasure of working with Steve for our wedding and he did a fantastic job.
Steve is extremely organized and makes sure to leave no detail untouched from the first time you meet him to the final photo reviews.  

We met with Steve several times before the wedding to review the event settings, photos we wanted taken, and time frame for the day.  Steve goes above and beyond by going to each location to look at all the potential options for photos to identify the best setting for your pictures.

 In addition he comes up with a backup plan should anything not go as scheduled for the day such as inclement weather.  We unfortunately had rain the day of our wedding so outside photos were not an option. Steve was fantastic working with the indoor setting we had to capture all the special moments of our wedding day.  

He went above and beyond setting up a follow up session for us to have our outdoor bridal photos.  We were lucky enough to work with him two times to capture all the great moments.  He has the ability to get everyone at all ages to smile, be relaxed, and to have fun while taking pictures.  

We had such a great time with him and are so pleased with all the wonderful pictures from our wedding.  Steve truly has a love for photography and that passion comes through in each picture he takes and all his work.

 We would highly recommend Steve for any of your special occasions for photography with his exceptional work.

Jackie & Jason Burton
Goldsboro, NC


The scene above was the evening before Jessie & Matt's wedding. This field and especially the oak tree had special meaning in this couples life. Sadly, shortly following the wedding that mighty oak tree was destroyed in a storm. The couple was very thankful for this image as it brought back many happy memories each time they gazed upon it.

This is actually 6 images stitched together as a panorama. I try to find every opportunity in all of my weddings to produce a panaroma type image.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but with Steve Rubin as our photographer, our wedding pictures left us speechless.  These were not simply photographs, but the telling of our story. 

His work ethic demonstrated his ability to be a part of our special day instead of being merely a wedding vendor.  His presence from beginning to end, including the final product, demonstrated his attention to detail and his love for photography.  With Steve Rubin, you are not only getting a professional photographer, you are getting your own personal narrator, and we are thrilled to have him become a close friend of ours.

Jessie & Matt Cumbee
Cary, NC

Steve is an all around amazing photographer and businessman to work with. He is very organized and structured and helped my wedding go smoothly. He thinks of things you wouldn't think of, always has a contingency plan, goes out of his way to make sure everything is perfect.

I really appreciated the extra time in advance he put into checking out the church and the reception venue to find the best shots in advance and the time he took to come to the rehearsal. He talks you through what kind of photos you want, how artsy or standard portrait you want the wedding to be.

I could not be more happy with my photos! As he said, he blends into the background and you don't even notice he's there. Sometimes photographers can be very intrusive into "Your" moment and he was not at ALL!

He is very amiable and he gently keeps you on time which was an added benefit because a watch is not often an accessory one wears on their wedding day!

Lt Stephen & Samantha Lask,
Washington, DC

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The Amtrak Carolinian on its way to the Raleigh station. This photograph was taken with all the proper safety measures in place, as we could hear the train coming from about 2 miles away. 

The Amtrak Carolinian on its way to the Raleigh station. This photograph was taken with all the proper safety measures in place, as we could hear the train coming from about 2 miles away. 

Steve Rubin was a wonderful photographer!!!! He's reliable and always get's in contact w/me...I never have to wait!

He did such a wonderful job with the photos on our wedding day! He captured a lot of moments and detail, so for the years ahead we'll have great memories and photos to look at!!!!! He's also very creative with doing different things to some photos...which makes them different from many other photographers!!!!!

He's also very nice and easy to work with as well as professional (all at the same time)....we felt VERY comfortable with him!!!!!


Nadia and Tomas Rypka,
Raleigh NC

Steve,  Thank you so much for the awesome photos.  You and your crew did an amazing job!  Hardly even noticed you guys were there! We truly appreciate your hard work.

Thanks again,

Michael & Jacenta Ferguson
Durham, NC


Duane and I absolutely loved Steve he was such a great photographer to work with, he captured our special moments with each other and our families.

We enjoyed sharing our wedding with Steve Rubin, our pictures turned out great, an awesome photographer to work with

Christina & Duane McKay,
Clayton NC

My partner and I were so thrilled to find Steve Rubin Photography! Weddings are usually a bit stressful and he took the photography portion and turned it into something magical and relieved that stress from us.

He took such an interest in our needs and wants and quite simply made it happen even beyond our expectations. He's a perfectionist and wants the photos to be awesome...and they were! He has such a natural eye and that makes him a great photographer.

Steve is a professional in every sense of the word. He's not only a great photographer but he's on time and does what he says he'll do. He is so easy to get along with and goes with the flow. Not to mention he's a fun guy to be around!
He was very courteous to all our guests and everyone loved him. He moved around during our ceremony and we didn't even know he was there. That is, until we saw these awesome shots he had taken and we said, "Hey Steve, when and HOW did you get THAT shot!".

Steve is our photographer for life and now we're happy to say, our friend for life as well. He's an honorable man and we have the utmost respect for him and his profession. You will not regret hiring Steve Rubin as your photographer for ANY occasion.

Thanks Steve for making our day come to life! We will smile as we look at the memories you've created for us and we'll smile when we think of you!
GR & JT,
Apex NC

We truly enjoyed Steve as our photographer! He captured moments we did not remember as well as moments we never knew happened! My bridal party as well as my guest absolutely loved Steve.

As well as a great photographer, he is excellent at working with people. One thing that our guests mentioned is that they could really see his passion for photography.

Family and friends that could not make it to the wedding stated that it was almost like they were there after viewing the photos by Steve. He truly made Emanuel and I's day one to remember and impossible to forget.   

Emanuel & Nesbuia Dunn,
Raleigh NC

Steve's talent and skill at capturing our wedding goes beyond my expectations and the pictures make me weep every time I look at them.  Being an outdoor home wedding, Steve was dealing with some tight spaces, crazy wall colors, and fading evening light.

Every picture was perfect.  From the formal before-wedding shots in the shade of the trees, to the vows on the sun-dappled deck, to the sunset-lit cake cutting, our wedding will always be as beautiful in frames as it was on that special day.  Thank you, Steve!

Kahli and Eric Shapiro,
Durham NC

I am very pleased with Steve Rubin Photography. He did a wonderful job at capturing every special moment. I could not have asked for a better photographer. He made me feel comfortable,he worked around me and was very well organized.

In the photos of our wedding he captured every moment from laughing with families and friends and the love in our eyes. The slide show was so amazing, It was perfect for the friends and family who could not attend to see the wedding and all of the details that Steve was able to capture.

He made the lighting Perfect in every photo and incorporated the colors of our wedding in the slide show. It was perfect and I could not have asked for a better experience.

Charlotte & Jobba Morgan,  Longwood Fl

Personal  Wedding & Family Portrait  Photographer based in Raleigh, NC

Steve Rubin has been involved with photography for over 30 years, starting his own company in 2010. He specializes in weddings and bridal portraits as well as family and pregnancy portraits. He combines unique artistic lighting and posing with truly personal customer service, creating high-quality experiences and photos to be cherished for years to come.  

He believes that photographing his clients in nature is the best way to capture the beautiful love and emotions of spouses, couples, and families. 

Steve has photographed clients in beautiful venues throughout the Research Triangle, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area including:

  • Raleigh Rose Garden, The Raulston NC State Arboretum, WRAL Gardens, Pullen Park, Fearrington Village, The NC State Alumni Club, Durham, NC’s University Club, North Hills Club, The Royal Banquet, Raleigh Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral

When it comes to weddings, Steve Rubin has done everything from large formal bridal parties to military weddings with a traditional military saber ceremony to intimate backyard weddings.    

Contact Steve Rubin, send him an email, or call at 919-523-2018 to see how he can provide you with the extraordinary service you expect and deserve for the most important milestones of your life!