Amazing things can happen in the digital darkroom - Where Science and Art come together

"Getting it right in the camera" is always the goal. However, sometimes this is impossible. This is where skill and talents in the digital darkroom really pay off.

The photo set shown here truly shows that capability. It's necessary to have the skill to take the retouching process to the next level beyond color, contrast, and skin softening. 

Examine the two images closely. This client wanted their daughter to be completely alone during her Bat Mtizvah reading the Torah (Hebrew Scroll of the Old Testament). In this case, the desire required going beyond just a tight cropping of the original image.

The mother had to be removed from the image as well as the tutor's hands on the left and the Rabbi's shoulder and hands on the right. Then the real work began, rebuilding of the curve of the scrolls of the Torah as well as reconstructing the background.

A significant amount of time was invested in this one image, but the results were priceless!

PICT0013 cropped.jpg

           BEFORE                                       AFTER

Even the Most Beautiful of Couples Can Use Some Help

The beauty of today's digital imaging technology is that the camera can truly capture everything. The challenge is that the camera can truly capture EVERYTHING!

The ability to provide professional retouching services is one area that helps my service stand out over others in similar price ranges. 

Though this beautiful mother doesn't really need to be retouched, when we process her image the changes are subtle, but amazing. Her reaction was "so that's how they do it in Hollywood". Though this is done in North Carolina, the results have a tremendous impact.

Retouch Side by Side - small.jpg

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Steve has a true talent with his photography and he captures all the special moments with his photos.   We had the pleasure of working with Steve for our wedding and he did a fantastic job. Steve is extremely organized and makes sure to leave no detail untouched from the first time you meet him to the final photo reviews.

Jackie & Jason Burton
Greensboro, NC


A picture is worth a thousand words, but with Steve Rubin as our photographer, our wedding pictures left us

Matthew and Jessie Cumbee,
Raleigh NC

Steve is an all around amazing photographer and businessman to work with. He is very organized and structured and helped my wedding go smoothly. He thinks of things you wouldn't think of, always has a contingency plan, goes out of his way to make sure everything is perfect...

Lt Stephen & Samantha Lask
Washington, DC