4 Super Easy DIY Wedding Guestbook Alternatives

Remembering who came to your wedding and share this very special day is extremely important. How you capture who can be a fun way to show your creativity. I recently came across an article titled "3 Super Easy DIY Guestbook Alternatives" from Weddingbee.   I've added one extra that I saw at my recent Raleigh Country Wedding that I thought was very cool.  I've provided a summary below with details in the referenced blog post. 

These are projects that are great for the DIY bride that won't bust the bank and will give you a chance to show off your creative side

1. Message in a bottle
This is a great to share your personal messages of joy and advice to the couple. Some weddings have a videographer go around and ask people on the spot to send a message to the couple. This stuffing short messages allows people to reflect on what they'd like to say and then share it in an neat way 

2. Envelope in an Album
Another way to accomplish the same thing as leaving small messages in the bottle is to get a wedding album or small scrap book, small RSVP envelopes in your colors, note cards and a pen. This will allow your guests to write their message and leave it in the envelopes for your to read after your wedding.  

3. Keepsake Poster
This idea will create something that you can hang in your home to remember your wedding.  You create a small poster with heart shape pieces of paper in your wedding colors that allow guests to leave their messages inside the hearts. 

4. Family Tree Fingerprint

One unique idea I saw from one of my brides in a country wedding that I recently photographed was a fingerprint tree. They used washable ink (very important) in three different colors representing friends & family of the bride, groom, and both. They used this as a supplement to their guests book and became a beautiful keepsake to be hung in their home after the wedding.

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