4 Key Factors in Renting a Wedding Tent in North Carolina

In my last blog post  5 "must dos" in planning an Outdoor Wedding in North Carolina I talked about outdoor weddings and how important it was to have a plan B in case of bad weather. However, you don't have to rent a tent just to protect you from the weather. In some cases it can add to the flavor of the wedding if done right.  


No question that renting a tent should be part of every Plan B. However, for those summer weddings in North Carolina (especially in the Raleigh area) , a tent is essential for providing some relief from the heat and humidity that is known in this area. 

I've seen outdoor weddings in the Raleigh area that have made great use of tents to offer their guests an area of comfort. However, have you ever thought "I have no clue what to consider when renting a tent?

Below are the 4 key factors to consider for your rental of a tent

1. When?

Renting a tent needs to happen early in the planning process. You'll need time to consider the type, size, and location of the tent.  Tents take time, manpower, and thoughtfulness to erect, so this is not a last minute item! 

2. How big?

How big should the tent be? That's always the large question.  Early on in the process you may not know but there are resources on determining the size of the tent. Obviously the number of guests and what space you have to erect the tent will drive this decision 

3) Which type?  The Pole vs Frame debate!

Tents come in two basic types, Pole vs Frame. As my father taught me, everything in life has it's pros and cons, and wedding tents are no different. 

Pole Tent Pros:

  • Prettier and more dramatic
  • Shorter setup time 

Pole Tent Cons

  • Have obstructions (those pesky poles)
  • Have to be anchored into the ground, so poles in parking lots are going to be a challenge 

Frame Tent Pros

  • Can be erected on any surface 
  • Can be attached together 

Frame Tent Cons

  • Take more time to set up 
  • Can be expensive

4) What extras do I have to consider 

When having a tent at a wedding, there are many extras that you will have to consider. Things like:

  • Liners for the tent walls 
  • What lighting will I have (I've seen beautiful chandeliers at some weddings) 
  • Do I provide Air Conditioning or fans?   (hello... this is North Carolina ) 
  • What is the floor? 


This is just an outline on your considerations and just scratches the surface.  Meg Hotchkiss from LVR events wrote a more detailed article, How to Rent a Wedding Tent, on this subject that I would highly recommend for anyone considering an outdoor wedding in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area or anywhere in NC.

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