Can a country wedding really happen outside of Raleigh NC?

The Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill make up a metropolitan area of high tech, state govenment, and so many colleges  Is a country wedding theme even possible in this area? You betcha! Ashely and Breck as well as Ellen and Kyle pulled it off beautifully at Hill Ridge Farm just outside of Wake Forest in Youngsville, North Carolina. 



The location is the beautiful Hill Ridge Farms located in Youngsville, NC just outside of Wake Forest and a short drive from Raleigh, Durham, and even Chapel Hill. This educational farm keeps busy but is designed for the wedding party in mind, with their separate, private area perfect for the country rustic wedding. 

I've done two weddings here from a brother and sister. Each one was unique and had their own flair, but had this awesome setting in common 


Want a Traditional Red Barn as a Backdrop? 

The Hill Ridge Farm red barn is a fabulous backdrop for the country wedding with an outdoor ceremony. In Ashley & Breck's wedding had a number of unique characteristics that added that country flavor to their wedding: 

  • Both ceremony and the reception were held on the farm 
  • Their theme was very country, complete with cowboy (or cowgirl as the case may be) boots
  • The trellis that acted as the alter was handmade by the father of the groom 

The barn was not just a backdrop, but gave the bridal party a great place to get ready, hidden from the rest of the wedding party, and allowing them to make a great Grand Entrance from the barn right to the aisle of the ceremony

The barn is  also perfectly situated to allow the wedding party to "disappear" into after the ceremony while the guests walk over to the reception area for the party! 

The red barn is not the only great "real estate" feature of this location. Beautiful open grounds with lavish green grass surrounds the entire area. Old oak trees provide great shade from the hot North Carolina summer afternoons perfect for after ceremony portraits. 

A relaxing swing allows a very nice area for the newly wed couple to "chill" and just "be with each other" for a few moments before the short walk to the event center for the big party. What's really nice about this location is that there is great separation between the barn holding the ceremony and the event center holding the reception. This is important because an outdoor wedding has a higher risk of guess "milling about" the couple while portraits are being taken. 


Reception Area  - Event Center 
Hill Ridge Farms provides a large, beautiful event center. It's right next to the barn, just a short walk. Far enough that it's separate, but close enough that it's quick to get to after the ceremony. This is basically a large general room with a lovely stone fireplace as an accent. This is a blank canvas that is a DIY Bride's dream, allowing this bride to make her vision of her country wedding come to life! 

The center has a large full kitchen that can work for both those catered affairs as well as for those do it yourself brides that want to provide a more rustic, home cooking flavor to the reception. In both weddings that I photographed, a traditional North Carolina Pig BBQ meal was provided buffet style. The father's slow cooked that pig for hours to perfection and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal. 

Dance, Dance, Dance 

Just outside of the event center is an outdoor area that is perfect for a DJ and dancing. It provides a fun area to rock the night away with either rock and roll or traditional country and wedding line dances. 

The area allows for easy in and out access to event center, for those guests that prefer to continue to enjoy food or conversation away from the raucous party that's sure to happen in celebrating any wedding! 

The Gazebo - My Favorite Feature 
By far, one of my favorite features of this venue is the gazebo located just outside of the event center. This is a centerpiece that allows me to show off the bride and groom in their pictures.  The gazebo is often decorated with candles to give that "romantic glow" to the structure that emanates from the bride and groom. 

I love this feature because it's a great place for me to do some creative lighting photographs. Whether that's the couples "last dance of the evening" (the sun hadn't set for their first dance) or a time for their closest four friends to literally show them that they "love" the couple, it provides so many opportunities for great photographs. 

Ellen,  wedding planner and sister of the groom!

Is a country wedding in your future? If it is, then this is one venue that you definitely want to consider.  I'd be happy to sit down with you and have a casual "chat" about your wedding plans and how we can make your wedding photography images something that you'll cherish in years to come!

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