Introducing the Steve Rubin Photography Blog

Welcome to the new Steve Rubin Photography blog

I hope to help you learn more about my photography style, wonderful clients, and behind the scenes back-stories from my photography sessions. Additionally, I plan to share helpful insights about photography and the best ways to a select a photographer to capture you and your family’s wonderful moments.

Who Is Steve Rubin?

I am a passionate photographer who has had a skill for taking photos ever since I was a young teenager. Photography has always been my creative outlet, allowing me to capture great moments in both mine and other's life.  To truly capture beautiful pictures, the camera must become a natural extension of your eye.


I’ve developed both technical and soft skills in my adult life through highly technical positions and being a consultant with a Fortune 20 company for over 30 years. Many of my clients have found this to be powerful combination. When the wedding day is moving at 100 MPH, little things can happen. Usually the wedding photographer is the person that helps keep things calm. After all, a good wedding photographer knows that in order to capture those great moments, the wedding party must completely trust you.



When working with families, having a photographer that loves working with children of all ages is important. My portrait sessions are filled with laughter, and my clients always feel comfortable and have a great time.

I have had wonderful experiences working with families who have children with special needs. The image above was a donated session through the Miracle League of the Triangle, a wonderful organization for children with disabilities.

I am a proud father of a son with Down syndrome, making me especially drawn to organizations that work with special needs children and adults. Some I have helped with include Life Experiences, Tammy Lynn Center for Disabilities, and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

To sum up my philosophy, I am a boutique, non-studio based photographer that believes in superior customer service, providing the highest quality product at very affordable prices.  I believe that people are captured the best in nature. I prefer stepping outside the constraints of a studio to get the best pictures possible in a fun, relaxing environment.