Making Wedding Photography Special Part 2

Creative Use of Light Part 2

In the Creative Use of Light Part 1 I showed how I use some fun lighting techniques to get some really "cool" pictures of both the wedding rings and the Wedding Party with the "Love" shot. In this entry, I want to continue to show some more traditional shots that can be enhanced with some creating use of light.   

Now That's a First Dance 

The couple's first dance is the first time after all the excitement of the ceremony and the rushing around afterwards for formal portraits that the couple get to relax and truly go into a bit of a private "place" while still being in front of all of their guests. This is where I can really get some great expressions of the deep love that these couples have for each other.

After capturing these great moments using traditional lighting I then work with my assistant to capture a more unique image of that first dance by back lighting the couple, throwing a great shadow forward towards my camera for a more dramatic shot. In the shot above, Ellen and Kyle got to escape, if only for a few moments, from the hustle of the wedding and just enjoy themselves in a fairly private dance in their gazebo at Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville, NC. 


Sometimes, you can use light in a closer setting to get a similar effect. 

For this couple, Garnetta and Joanne, they wanted their commitment ceremony to be in their back yard. This meant that we only had a very small area under the tent for their first dance. In this case since getting the long shadow was not really a possibility, I decided that using back lighting to light both Joanne's veil and act a catch light would get a really effective shot. I personally like it best in black and white, though the couple got the picture in color as well. 


Making Portraits Look Special

Using creative lighting isn't just for those special moments. I can create beautiful portraits using similar techniques that my clients have fallen in love with when receiving their wedding pictures. 

One example of this type of portrait is this loving again of Ellen and Kyle.  Both her church and this cross was very important to her, so she wanted to be sure that she had a portrait that showed off this angle. By having my assistant  go behind them with a remote flash, we're able to capture this dramatic image.  As of the original writing of this post, this is Ellen's Facebook Profile picture almost 1.5 years later!