5 "must dos" in planning an Outdoor Wedding in North Carolina


There are many factors you'll want to consider in selecting your location. Among them are

  • privacy  
  • separate areas for the ceremony vs. reception  
  • easy access for those special "elders" of the family that you'll want to share this day  

Please don't let it rain!  

    Weddings in NC in the summer are beautiful affairs, especially when held in outdoor venues such as the Raleigh Rose Garden.  However, our southern  summer weather can cause real havoc on weather.   PLAN B IS A MUST!  

    Some factors to consider for a Plan B

    • Is there an alternative location that easily accessible if the weather turns expectantly bad. It's really critical  that your vendors are all "briefed" on what Plan B is as they will have to execute it if the weather goes astray. 
    • What time should I plan my wedding?  In North Carolina, late day summer showers are the norm! Maybe a mid morning ceremony with an early afternoon reception is best
    • Tents to protect everyone gruling sun and heat need to be planned way in advance  
    Raleigh Rose Garden

    Wedding Crashers (of all sizes)  

    No one wants wedding crashers at their wedding (well maybe you'd be OK if it were Owen Wilson and  Vince Vaughn) , however you have to plan on it happening.

    And you may think I'm talking about some "guy" walking off the street. Actually, you need to be concerned about the "little crashers" called "mosquitoes" 

    In North Carolina's Triangle (Raleigh, Durham,  and Chapel Hill) as well as  a little further west in the Tirad (Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem), mosquitoes  are a real pest and can ruin any day. 

    Some things to consider: 

    • Is the venue near water, and if so is the water moving or still 
    • When will the grass be last cut and treated 
    • The later in the day the wedding, the higher the chance of mosquitoes feeding on your guests! 

    My Experiences

    I've had the pleasure to photography many outdoor weddings. Planning for contingencies in an outdoor wedding is a service that is part of every package I provide. I've been glad that I've never had to activate those plan b's with my couples, but we came very close in 2011. 
     Raleigh Tornado of 2011 

    My couple was having a beautiful outdoor wedding on Grooms step father's estate in Rocky Mount. A terrible severe storm was working its way across the country and planning to be in Raleigh on that Saturday April 16. 

     I worked with the bride during the rehearsal on Friday afternoon where we designed a very comprehensive Plan B. We were receiving real time updates from WRAL weather department via text to one of the groomsman (who worked at WRAL) .  Luckily the tornado didn't turn east as it hit Raleigh, the reception was cut a little short to allow people to get home. However, we were prepared and everyone still had a great time! 


    Steve Rubin Photography Services

    At Steve Rubin Photography, planning is very large part of what we do. Remember, with the exception of your wedding planner, you will work more with your photographer than any other vendor both before, during and after the wedding.  

    Contact me  via the , via email  or by phone at 919-523-2018 for a very casual, no pressure, conversation on how I can capture your special day and give you memories for years to come!