When the Gender of a Baby is Revealed ... OH The Excitement it Generates

007 Cameron & Paul Gener Reveal.jpg

It's been quite a while since I've sat down and blogged. I'm hoping to do more of that in the future. Though I have built my business on wedding and family portraits, I had the honor to do a different type of family portrait this weekend. It was not quite a pregnancy shoot, but a gender reveal shoot. 

As I've talked to my wife and adult daughter, I've learned that millennial's these days have great parties to do a gender reveal, surprising their guests in many ways as to what gender the expectant parents will deliver. However, sometimes it's really more about capturing some images to share the news with friends. 

This allows for a more intimate experience, something that I personally prefer. And that was the case with my good friends Paul & Cameron. I've known Paul for well over 20 years, and to be asked to capture this moment with his new wife Cameron was an absolute thrill for me. 

Picking the spot was an easy decision. Paul's mother Emmy is an ardent gardener and has a beautiful yard in Cary, NC, the perfect place to bring in color to these images. We had to do it quickly though, because we went from 50's weather on a Saturday evening to snow the following Sunday morning. Cameron was a real trooper, even with the cold breeze (which caused us to go nuts with the balloons). 

Oh, in case you're wondering... It's a BOY!

Paul & Cameron stealing a kiss during their gender reveal in Cary NC

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